Thank you for considering becoming a client of a student group completing their Ray-Pec DRIVE Project!


The DRIVE Project is designed to help students invest in becoming more educated, active, and productive members of their community while developing the essential skills required to be competitive in the current job market, focusing on components of our Profile of a Ray-Pec Graduate.

The DRIVE project has 4 major components:

Project: Working with their client and any additional subject matter experts, student groups will use design thinking to frame the problem, define the major issue, develop a prototype of a solution, test that solution, and repeat the process if necessary. 

Portfolio: Students will gather all relevant materials from their project and related classroom work in an individual digital portfolio.

Pitch: Student groups will present their solutions to their clients and other stakeholders in a short  presentation (or other appropriate format determined by the client). Clients will provide feedback to the students and classroom teacher.

Presentation: Individual students will present about their DRIVE Project experience to members of the community and reflect on their growth over the course of the project, focusing on how they developed the traits that are expected of a Ray-Pec Graduate. 

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If you are interested in developing a project for students to work on, please contact Jake Wingo, Director, Community Partnerships at

The best projects are open-ended problems that the business partner is not currently working on.

The template for the project follows the steps of the design thinking process.

However, any project can be reimagined to meet your needs.


Business partners working with student teams may should appoint a client (the person representing the business) to work with teams.


However, if the client can't fit student meetings into their schedule, they may appoint one or more subject matter experts (experts in the field who meet more regularly with student teams).



As an expert in the field they are working in, you may see areas that they need to improve in or notice something that they need to address; please feel free to guide the student in the right direction. At the same time, give the student space to explore, innovate, challenge themselves, and fail at tasks if necessary. The project is meant to be a place where students can grow as individuals, facing real-world consequences while still having support from adults around them.

We will ask you to periodically provide feedback on the teams' progress and growth. As students complete each step of the design process, they will send you an evaluation form to fill out.

You may also feel free to contact Jake Wingo or the students' English 4 classroom teacher with any concerns you feel need to be addressed.

Design Thinking Process

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For more information about becoming a business partner,


Jake Wingo, Director, Community Partnershps

E:      P: 816-536-7910