Thank you so much for supporting your students as they work on their DRIVE projects! We are proud of each of our seniors and the way they take ownership of their projects.

DRIVE Projects develop the essential skills required of a successful Ray-Pec graduate, setting students up for success in college or the workforce while still mastering the essential English objectives that have always been required in English 4.

Working on DRIVE Projects and participating in Community DRIVE Presentation Night is required for students to pass English 4.

Students will receive training in the design thinking process used for completing the projects.

Students will then apply for projects they are interested in on a Google Form.


They will then be assigned a project and a team.

Once they have been assigned a team, they will be responsible for sending you a parent/guardian approval form to your email.

Once you have completed that form approving their project, students will be able to begin working on the project with their team.

If you have any questions about DRIVE Projects, contact Laura Columbatto at

Suggested Project Timeline



Sept. 30                   Project Applications

Oct. 17                     Parent Approval Form

Oct. 22                     Design Thinking Step 1:


Nov. 12                    Stakeholder Survey

Nov. 19                    Design Thinking Step 2:


Dec. 16                    Design Thinking Step 3:


Mar. 4                     Design Thinking Step 4:


Apr. 1                      Test Process Approval

Apr. 15                    Design Thinking Step 5:


Apr. 19                    Community DRIVE                                           Presentation Night

May 6                      Design Thinking Step 6: