Students in English 4 at Ray-Pec High School are required to complete a client-connected DRIVE Project, presenting at Community DRIVE Presentation Night in April.

Click on the button to see an overview of the DRIVE project. Feel free to click through the links and see your English teacher if you have any questions.

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The purpose of the DRIVE Projects is to allow students to develop the essential skills necessary to be a successful Ray-Pec graduate through real-world, client-connected projects. 


Accountability is key in the DRIVE Projects.

Students are responsible for managing assignments in Canvas, projects in Transeo, and communication with clients over email and Google Meets.

Students will receive feedback on their performance from teachers, clients, and teammates throughout the process and are expected to commit to and reflect on their own growth and learning.

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Projects begin with an open-ended question and student teams are tasked with developing a solution following the steps of the design thinking process above.

Steps of the design thinking process are not linear, and students are encouraged to embrace the growth mindset, the idea that learning comes from failure. Many steps may need to be repeated or revisited in order to have a successful project.

In-depth description of design thinking process steps